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Deliver on time after 2015 Chinese New Year holiday

Action to high turnover of stuffs in coming 2015 Chinese New Year holiday --- You may always see the same question that too many orders be delayed and nobody can tell you when they can be deliver since all China factories lack works after each Chinese New Year holiday, it will take 2 to 4 weeks to back normal. You may have to face big pressure and complaint from customers, the worst is customer lost in that hard time. We believe this will be changed in IQE company now. In the past couple of weeks, 15 workers with some PCB experience be involved into IQE to start work. As a longterm cooperation project, IQE built a stable relationship with 3 vocational-technical schools in Sichuan. IQE offer some lessons and factory trainings to those students included CAM engineering, and technology for all process in a PCB factory.This will not only help IQE to back normal soonly after the holiday, but also help IQE to get continuous high quality staffs in future. Another action is IQE will offer train tickets for those stuffs who will go home and back to work on time after holiday. It is hard to get a ticket during the holiday. it is part of reason that workers can not back to work on time. IQE will order group tickets for workers from train company and offer those tickets to workers to sure they will back on time. Don’t hesitate to place order to IQE after Chinese New Year holiday, we will try our best to deliver your goods.
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